1. Your Life is Pie

Imagine a pie. Now imagine it cut into eight equal pieces and being divided up into flavors, like those sample platters of cheesecakes, but without the existential crisis of what cheesecake actually is. You now possess two pieces of strawberry rhubarb, two pieces of apple, two pieces of blueberry, and two pieces of peach. Each of these represents a piece of your life. Your life is pie.

There are different aspects of our lives that make up our whole life and each takes up a percentage. That is your pie piece. Your life may fall like this:

Pie Piece Type Parts of Life
Strawberry Rhubarb Friends
Apple Work / Job / How you make money
Blueberry Health
Peach Happiness


As long as you have a pie type then that part of your life is fulfilled. To say that another way, if your platter contains strawberry rhubarb, apple, blueberry, and peach, then your comfortable needs are all in order. If your platter only contains two pieces of apple and two pieces of strawberry rhubarb, then you are missing half of your comfortable needs.

You may be asking: what if I have more needs? What if I consider more things as comfortable needs or want to break out Happiness?

Answer: You have more flavors and your life may fall like this:

Pie Piece Type Parts of Life
Strawberry Rhubarb Friends
Apple Work / Job / How you make money
Blueberry Health
Peach Stability
Pecan Kids
Pumpkin Vacations
Chocolate Hobbies
Key Lime Spouse


Do not get on the line of thinking that having more types of pie is a healthier life due to the fact that if you lose one or two comfortable needs you are missing less. Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, comfortable needs and how much they take up are all down to taste. These don’t have to be equal distribution either. Perhaps you have four pieces of apple, one of blueberry, one of peach, one of chocolate, and one of key lime. The point is, your life is made up of different flavors of pie, however you choose to bake them.

Why does all this matter?

Because when your platter is not full your comfortable life turns to discomfort. You are missing pie pieces and the parts of life they represent. And we’re embracing discomfort, which is why we’re going to bring in math.

Don’t make that face.

Yes, I know what face you made.

Yes, you can follow this.

You may or may not be intimately familiar with pi depending on how much math you have taken. To give you a refresher if it’s been a few years, pi is an irrational number (meaning it can’t be expressed as a fraction) with randomly distributed digits and has, at this point in time, no end (part of the irrational part—it’s decimal form keeps going and going and going…) . This pi also represents your life.

Or, in pictorial form:


You see…while pie is all well and good and makes things easy to explain, it is also too simple. Life is not simple and life can be hard to pin down, like pi. But, to return to our simple example, the edge of your platter, where your pie crust sits, is pi. It is never ending and each ridge, defect, and bump are a randomly distributed digit. When you are missing pieces of your pie, when your strawberry rhubarb or your blueberry has gone astray, you are not broken. You are still wanted. Those missing pieces, that discomfort, is the unknown part of pi. The part not yet discovered, the part a hundred thousand numbers back that is temporarily forgotten. But pi is still used even though it is a point of discomfort. Much like you still live when in discomfort.

And much like the discomfort you felt when I brought up math, it must be embraced.

Discomfort must be embraced to find comfort.

When you are only looking at the pieces of your pie that are there and ignoring the empty space, it cannot be fixed. Just like in never looking at pi’s continued digits, mathematicians would never have a hope of fully understanding it. In taking in those empty spaces on your platter you come to understand what is missing and what needs to be found.

In realizing the discomfort, more comfort can be found.

You can find a new apple recipe, get a strawberry rhubarb recipe from a friend, be served your grandmother’s chocolate piece and share it.

So take a look at your platter and see if you are missing any pieces.

And embrace the discomfort.



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