K. A. Black

K. A. Black was born in California but moved to Colorado at age two. She was raised on 80s hair metal, video games, and endless amounts of books and movies that have combined into the strange mind that decided to create new worlds in her free time.

Black studied mechanical engineering in college where for fun she decided to add on a minor in bioengineering and life sciences. She uses very little of what she went to school for in her everyday job.

Through out her life, Black has had a passion for writing and creating stories. After many years of writing and destroying ideas, she has finally landed upon one, DreamLync, which was published on Amazon in November of 2015. She is currently querying her next novel, Ripple and working on a new book, And In Darkness You Rise.

In her free time, she runs the partnered discord server Writer’s Block of over 2000 users with a team of mods (discord link in header). She still loves to read, listen to music, and play video games.


Find her on twitter @authorkablack