Captain Alexandria Harding has done well to hide her secrets. She keeps her head down and out of the ever watchful gaze of CISS, the governmental system that rules the solar system, and leads her merchant crew through job after job dutifully and with precision. But, when an email comes through from an associate with a hidden plea for help, Alexandria finds herself thrust into a political quagmire twenty years in the making all because of a decision she made as a child when the constellation Orion chose her as its host. Every choice has a consequence and even the simplest of actions can cause a ripple.

Ripple is an adult space opera currently being queried at 125k word count.

The settlement is dying. Sophie, hating the fact that she’s recently unblinded, has been chosen to destroy the monsters keeping her people trapped. Nic, a deafened soldier, is to protect her. Veri, a muted survivor, is to lead them. What they find may lead to their salvation, or ensure their destruction.

And In Darkness You Rise (or AIDYR) is currently being written. It is a new weird / dark SFF.

In a neon-clad world Vi has everything she needs. But, a want to see the stars drives her to trade increasingly valued things, hoping to find a seat aboard a spaceship. However, even in a utopia, things are rarely that easy.

Neon is a WIP